Monday, July 27, 2009

Healthcare Mediation Training

Planning for the Third Annual Symposium for Health Issues has been in motion for a couple months, and we are gearing up to bring quite an eventful program! We've been following health care reform updates daily, and we're very excited to be on the informational forefront of this new era in health care.

"Clashing Paradigms: A New America? - Health Care Reform and Where We Stand" is set for October 16, 2009 in Lubbock. We've recruited speakers from the Texas Hospital Association and Texas Department of Insurance, as well as other well informed speakers, to present at this year's seminar.

We will gather at the Region 17 Education Service Center on October 16 to hear the latest from national speaker, Corrine Parver, J.D., of the Washington College of Law, Executive Director of the Health Law Project in the Program on Law and Government. Ms. Parver will bring information about the current health care system landscape, pose the problems in the system that the White House and Congress are trying to fix, and then review initial and current proposals from the President and key Senate and House Committees in Congress.

Ms. Parver is hosting and speaking at the Washington College of Law’s Forum on Health Care Reform later this month, and has written a policy piece that will be published this Fall in the Suffolk University Law School's Journal of Health Law. She is a member of the Health Industry Access Initiative, which includes representatives from the provider, manufacturer and payor communities, and aims to influence the effect of reforms on the health care industry.

As a professor of Health Law, Current Trends in American Health Policy, Introduction to Medicine for Lawyers, and Legal Issues in Health Care Fraud and Abuse, Ms. Parver is an expert on health reform and its impacts on the legal industry. She looks forward to coming to Lubbock to share her research with our legal and health industries. “Undoubtedly, my personal political biases will filter through, but I’ll always present both sides of the issues,” she said. “As health care reform is a very moving target, I’ll be as current with my information as possible.”

This year's focus is, not surprisingly, the massive health care overhaul facing the United States. We'll have updates on a national, state, and local level to bring the latest information about what is going on and how we'll all be affected. We'll also discuss possible disputes associated with the changes, and look at how to prevent and solve those conflicts.

We're inviting doctors, nurses, all other health industry professionals, attorneys, insurance and pharmaceutical representatives, social workers, and consumers to this exciting spearhead seminar. Mark your calendar!

Admission is $75 (By Oct. 9). Please RSVP by October 9, as we'll be serving lunch and would like to make sure you're fed. Please call for group, student, or mediator discounts.

Who: The Office of Dispute Resolution for Lubbock County
What: Third Annual Symposium for Health Issues
When: October 16, 2009 - 9:00 AM (registration opens at 8) - 4:30 PM
Where: TBA
Why: To bring cutting-edge information about health care reform to the public and professionals of Texas

Call or contact us for more information.